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Eye-Ruler 2

3D Personalized Optical Measurements

One of the features of Sealite Kinta Optical is the personalized, tailor-made lenses. When it comes to a pair of multifocal lenses, the personalised parameters reference enables the multifocal lens production to be more precise so that the clients can adapt to the new eyeglasses easily and comfortably.

The general multifocal lens measurement requires the interpupillary distance and lens fitting height after the eye examination. In Sealite Kinta Optical, we offer the Essilor Eye-Ruler 2, which is a 3D personalised optical measurement device that can accurately grasp the monocular pupil position, fitting heights, back vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle, usual reading distance, and near vision behavior.

All necessary and personalised parameters are taken with a single solution. Social distancing can be maintained for safety. The eyecare professional has no physical contact with the client while taking measurements. After the measurement, the optometrist will also hold the data and explain the details to the client.

With the assistance of intelligent technology and the professional services by our optometrist, we ensure any possibility of error is reduced and the client enjoys the top level of optometry services in Sealite Kinta Optical.

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